Here we go again?

Another American mass murder. First, it was ten African Americans murdered in Buffalo, New York. Yesterday, it was nineteen children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas. How do we make sense of these atrocious acts in our country? I would suggest that we pause. This is not a time for trivial or simplistic answers, nor is it a time for egotistical politicians to push their agendas. Now is a time to lament before the Lord and mourn with those who mourn. Some families have had their lives changed forever, and answers that will never bring their loved ones back.

The Psalm writers would often lament before the Lord with questions of “how” and “why” in response to the most challenging circumstances in life (see Psalm 10, 13, 22). Lament was a way for the psalmist to express their deep mourning and trust in God. Lament allows one to mourn the realities of this fallen world, leading back to the Lord, where hope and strength can be found to go on.

As a father of elementary children I cannot help but lament:

Why, O, Lord,

  • are children the victims of such heinous acts?
  • do we have to fear that our children will be safe at school each day?
  • do families have their lives completely shattered at the hands of one evil man?
  • do we live in a society with such hatred?
  • did you not intervene to stop this from happening?

How Long, O, Lord,

  • will you allow mass murders to continue in our country?
  • will it seem like the enemy is winning?
  • will you allow evil to reign?
  • will we need to live in fear?
  • until Jesus returns to make all things right?

There is a time for answers, there is a time for action, but now is a time when we lament and pray for those who mourn.

Lord, have mercy on those families who are grieving.

Psalm 34:18 “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.”

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