One of the best things about podcasts is that there are so many great ones out there, and one of the worst things about podcasts is that there is not enough time to listen to them all! I enjoy listening to podcasts on a variety of different topics, and I want to share the ones that I subscribe to along with a brief description. Maybe you will find something new to listen to.


  1. The Briefing with Albert Mohler – Dr. Mohler reports on current news and culture events from a biblical perspective. He does a great job of helping listeners understand the importance of events with a biblical worldview.
  2. The Journal – The Wall Street Journal produces this daily podcast with Kate Linebuagh and Ryan Knutson. They cover current events on money, business, and power. Sometimes they do special mini-series (see below).
  3. The Daily – This podcast is from the New York Times featuring Michael Barbaro. I disagree with most of their perspectives, which is one of the reasons I listen to this podcast. I think it’s important to critically engage with different viewpoints.
  4. Cloud Accounting Podcast – David Leary and Blake Oliver do a great job of covering current topics in the accounting world. These guys make accounting fun, yes, those two words can go together, accounting and fun!
  5. The Roys Report – Julie Roys reports on stories from the church. She interviews guests and deals with different sin issues that have affected the evangelical world.


  1. Snacks Daily – Nick and Jack (two millennials) report on three top stock markets news items in about 20 minutes. They are engaging and fun to listen to.
  2. The Motley Fool – The Motley fool has a handful of podcasts. I listen to Market Foolery (daily stock market news), Motley Fool Money (weekly stock market news), and Motley Fool Answers (weekly questions and answers). There are a variety of different hosts and perspectives, and you may just learn something about investing.
  3. WSJ Your Money Briefing РIn less than 15 minutes you get information on different money topics such as spending, savings, taxes, and career advice.


  1. In the Lord I Take Refuge: Daily Devotions Through the Psalms – This is a fairly new podcast with Dane Ortlund. He reads through the Psalms and provides some brief thoughts. This is the best five minutes you can spend each day.
  2. You’re Not Crazy – A friend at work recently told me about this podcast from Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry. They talk about gospel culture and encourage young pastors, although, I think their thoughts are helpful to ministry leaders of any age.
  3. The Paul Tripp Podcast – There are a handful of biblical counselors who have shaped my thinking, and Paul Tripp is one of them. He conveys grace in a winsome way to encourage believers.
  4. Back to the Reformation – Matt Rosenblum and Onnig Sayadian are two friends and laymen who love theology. They interview various guests with an emphasis on topics related to the reformation.
  5. Mortification of Spin – Todd Pruitt and Carl Trueman have a “casual conversations about things that count.” They are fun and sarcastic, and they come from a presbyterian background.
  6. No Compromise Radio – Pastor Mike Abendroth promises that he is “always biblical, always provocative.” He covers a variety of different topics, and the best part is that he makes himself laugh at his own jokes!
  7. The Pactum – Pastor Pat Abendroth (Mike’s brother) hosts a podcast focusing on reformed theology. The episodes are well done and very informative.
  8. The Happy Rant – This podcast has three hosts: Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, and Ronnie Martin. Three sarcastic guys who sometimes go on long rants, and sometimes even disagree with one another.
  9. Family Life Today – This podcast has been around for many years but recently went through a transition and they have two new hosts, Dave and Anne Wilson. They provide encouragement for marriage and family, and I appreciate that they are honest with mistakes they have made along the way.
  10. 5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols – All you need is five minutes a week with Stephen Nichols, and you will learn some church history.


  1. The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill – This series from Christianity Today is hosted by Mike Cosper. The quality of this podcast is fantastic. I lived through the events of Mars Hills and would listen to Mark Driscoll off and on.
  2. Luther: In Real Time – This is a great podcast that follows the events of Martin Luther during the reformation. This is a dramatized series that helps you relive church history.
  3. The Journal (To the Moon/The Facebook Files) – If you want to understand the whole meme stock saga (aka GameStop), listen to this series. They also created a new series covering Facebook, and the effect social media is having on users.
  4. Rabbit Hole (NYTimes) – This podcast came out last year and was well done. They explain how the internet has shaped us, sometimes into believing conspiracy theories.

Biblical Counseling

  1. 15:14 – Biblical Counseling Coalition – Dr. Curtis Solomon hosts this podcast and covers biblical counseling topics. The organization exists to bring together different churches, organizations, and educational institutions around the topic of counseling. Recently, he interviewed different key leaders in the biblical counseling movement.
  2. Care of Souls – This podcast features Dr. Stuart Scott and Adam Tyson, and they discuss how Scriptures apply to different circumstances in life.
  3. CCEF Podcast: Where Life & Scripture Meet – Alasdair Groves deals with different counseling topics and brings on different guests at times to think through how life and scripture intersect in life.

My Favorite Podcast

  1. The Rod ‘n Staff Podcast – Last but not least is my favorite podcast! My pastor Dr. Jason Matossian, and I, record this podcast together. We talk about a wide range of Christian topics and have recently started discussing the 1689 London Baptist Confession. We have been recording for a little over a year and try to have a little fun with it too.

Do you have a favorite podcast to share? Leave a comment below, I am always looking for new things to listen to.

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